25 Years of Experience You Can Trust

"Chip" Havemann

Welcome to The Law Office of Gerald D. "Chip" Havemann.  We have represented people from Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, and many other States for over 25 years.  We have represented thousands of people in multiple matters, and have a reputation for being aggressive, thorough, and knowledgeable.  We firmly believe in "earning" a client's business, and strive to fully inform our clients as to the status of their case at any stage.  Mr. Havemann personally meets with every client and maintains personal contact with every client throughout the life of the case.  No matter the circumstances, we will treat you with respect. We strive for effective and aggressive representation.  

 If you are wondering if you have a case worth pursuing, or simply have questions, do not hesitate to call us.  Mr. Havemann wants to talk to you about your legal matters.  



Below are just a few pictures of the aftermath of automobile accidents. We have represented each and every one of the occupants of these vehicles, and have successfully recovered money for their damages and injuries. Whether or not your car looks like any of these after your accident, you may wish to hire an attorney. We would be honored if you called our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your accident with Mr. Havemann.

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